Monday, April 18, 2016

Oona's Dragon (Throwback and WIPs)

Painting commission done for my former work colleagues who just had a daughter. Early 2015 if my memory serves me right. They were my former bosses at my first job when I was still working in Accounts management! Haha!

Below are the shot comps I did to visualize the story and how it will be executed in book format. This was done much later and I was already learning a lot from my Pictorial Composition class, so the thumbnails are a lot clearer and simpler. You can actually glean some of the plot if you zoom in to read.


I also came up with the story btw, and it just started with super rough sketches like this. I remember doing two options for a story haha.

Note: I wish I had already taken Nathan Fowkes's pictorial composition class before the finished painting! Oh well, just part of the whole learning journey.

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