Thursday, September 24, 2015

StrangeLit Book Launch

I am so proud of my good friend, WilJ, for having published his first e-book. I'm just so happy that he was able to take the steps in order to make time for his craft. (We were in the same Business Economics program back in college, and he is actually in a corporate managerial day job at present!)

What you love, you must love now :)
Bit of info:

PS. Very out of character for me, but yes, because I'm such a good friend, the lovey-dovey artwork is c/o me. Heh.

"Harvesting Nightblooms" is a YA paranormal romance about a girl who wakes up in a coffin wearing her prom dress, only to find out that she has somehow slipped into another world.

Points for showmanship lol

Fanboys and fangurls. Jk hahaha

My notes in designing the cover ;)

a quick li'l extra color sketch for the event.