Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quick Scenes

Thumbnail comps in value. Done to exercise efficiency and visual clarity in shot composition. I am learning sooo much from Nathan Fowkes' Pictorial Composition lectures at Schoolism. 

Some of my random ideas. Motorcycles and...kali versus zombies! :p

I just wanted to draw cute animals :3

Anybody watch Avatar The Last Airbender? Wish more of the Fire Nation's past was explored!

aaand just some still life with arrangement

Experimenting with Watercolor!

I'm a beginner again with this new medium. But I'd like to think that the medium is just an extension of one's foundations :) This was a fun exercise. And I really tried but I ended up overdetailing haha.

 So messy! XD

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Short Stories

The Visitor

Pizza Delivery Drone

"Our first successful lift drone!" w/ Flowers the rat.

Sneakin' around rooftops.