Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Folklore Project

A nereid befriends a human girl. In a small coastal town, secrets are revealed and old legends are uncovered.

I need to write a better synopsis but in the meantime here are some story moments I imagined and managed to visualize:

Some color exploration below: I picked the one where it’s kind of right after the rain stops and sunlight seeps through the clouds a little bit. Maybe an abandoned house isn’t so spooky after they shed some light on the truth behind its history

I was so inspired by pagan rituals that are still practiced around the world. Also Denmark finally subconsciously influencing my work after being here for 2+ years XD

Here are some preliminary drawings I did for the design of the nereid:

Friday, June 21, 2019


Ancient colossal beings made of rock and metal are brought to life by an otherworldly lifeforce. These giants roam the land with an unknown purpose. Some graze and wander passively, some are immovable, remaining in place for decades; but many are malevolent and destructive.

In the kingdom of Arkas, people have made coexisting with these giants into a bloodsport.

This project is partly something from a dream I had, and partly just pure enjoyment of the giant colossus genre. I was heavily inspired by the scale and mood of Shadow of the Colossus and Attack on Titan.

Jægeren og Heksen

The Hunter and the Witch
Supporting Characters in one of my story projects (the one with the giants in the Arena) 
I still need to flesh out how this world makes sense!

Pagan aesthetics


Lesser demons and spirits


Sometimes I need a break from old world fantasy sh*t:


Animal studies

Motivational Puffins!

For a friend's birthday!